Humans Move wants to join forces with people who are fighting for change and a more inclusive and peaceful future. 

Our Vision:

Connection: Our company works with artists based in the UK and Ethiopia, encouraging exchanges and communication between both countries and their respective cultural richness. We view movement as a way for minds and bodies to unite through transformative experiences, creating opportunities for understanding and exploring new possibilities together.

Inclusivity: The very core of our vision being to bring people together to share experiences and histories, we strive for our work to be intergenerational, integrative and intersectional. All bodies are welcome and contribute to a deeper collective understanding of the world we live in.

Collaboration: Humans Move’s work focuses on allowing people’s ideas to meet and evolve together towards a common goal. We want to encourage artists and participants to exchange skills and knowledge, through a supportive and non-hierarchical approach. 

Activism: Through Humans Move, we are creating a space where everybody can rewrite, reimagine, rearrange and reflect on personal and collective experiences and the world we live in – or wish to live in. Dance and movement form a practical opportunity for those ideas and aspirations to meet and grow, in the hope of generating change.

Jessie Brett – Artistic director of Humans Move 

Originally from Wales, choreographer Jessie Brett has been based between Wales and Ethiopia for the last 5 years: 

“After graduating from London Contemporary Dance School in 2008, I spent the first years of my career exploring my choreographic practice independently as well as collaborating and growing with artists Carlota Mantecon, Jesus Rubio, Beth Powlesland and Jered Sorkin traveling, creating, performing and touring internationally. 

In 2012 I went to Ethiopia for the first time to work with Addisu Demissie and Adunya Dance Company, I was overwhelmed by the energy and spirit of the dancers. I also started to work with Hijinx Theatre, one of Europe’s leading inclusive theatre companies, as a movement tutor. 

I then started to work between Wales and Ethiopia and also began to collaborate with Meseret Yirga on several projects working with disabled, blind, orphaned and homeless women. In these years I received a lot of lessons about life, culture and privilege which completely changed my perspective and approach to life and work. It is in Ethiopia that I really got inspired to start working inclusively. Through working with and observing the work of Meseret Yirga and Addisu Demissie in the newly founded Destino Dance Company, I experienced a new approach which was so inspiring, human and compassionate. It gave me the skills and confidence to start making my choreographic practice inclusive. 

In 2016 supported by Hijinx Theatre I began to tour my inclusive choreographic work internationally to outdoor festivals and later that year I became a mother.  

I am one of the founders of Groundwork Pro in Wales, and in Ethiopia I started to work more with the art community and created Contemporary Nights with Sarah Bushra and Dawit Seto. 

In 2019, with Dawit Seto, I set up Addis Guzo Dance Group, a dance training for local disabled people in Addis Ababa. I am now head of dance at Addis Guzo and focused on giving opportunities for more disabled people to dance.

In 2021 I set up Humans Move to not just bring together my work in Ethiopia and Wales but to bring together the people I work with in both places. In my daily life I connect with people with different abilities, from different cultures and backgrounds to mine. This has greatly influenced what I want to create and why.”

Let’s Connect.

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