Information Environment

Information Environment by Humans Move created by Jessie Brett remotely with dancers between Wales, England, Spain and Ethiopia explores our connection to technology, each other and our planet.


  1. Love your film, Jessie. Congratulations!
    Thought provoking and powerful and wonderfully committed dancers.
    I particularly loved the very end with the hands revealing the preciousness of the natural world through the flowers and earth.
    Thank you for all your work.
    Caroline Lamb

  2. A wonderful dance film with a powerful message. Clever, moving, thought-provoking and choreographically beautiful.

  3. I keep on wanting to watch it. It causes a warm feeling within and a smile on the face. It is very atmospheric and state producing, almost hypnotic and very fascinating.
    The messages within are very clear and non-judgemental, simply stating the case and leaving the choice to the individual.
    I felt as though it is a discovery – what’s going to happen next?, which kept me watching. The joy of life that comes off everyone, after the screen scenes is very inspiring and makes me smile.
    Technically – fantastic editing with the figures on screen being swiped, enlarged, reduced, buffered and again between the snowy mountain and the dried field mountain – as one person jumped the other landed – amazing.
    A big congratulations and well done to Jessie and the team. Also, the soundtrack is amazing and unusual and capturing – I keep finding myself humming parts.

  4. Jesse-ye wow absolutely beautiful Video! Thank you for saying what we are all thinking of in the most mesmerizing and breathtaking way✊🏿 Bravo

  5. Congratulations, Jessie and to the rest of the cast, the beautiful Habbas, Dave, Betty… Very nice photography, music and idea. Keep fighting! xx

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