Finding each other through the language of the body.

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Humans Move led by Jessie Brett, creates inclusive dance performances and activities in Wales and Ethiopia, in which all bodies are welcome. Our work centres on inclusion and shifting perspectives through creating opportunities to exchange not only dance knowledge but also cultural, emotional and physical experiences.

I strongly believe in people from different cultures, backgrounds and abilities coming together to share meaningful experiences, where any prejudices and preconceptions can be challenged and overcome. Understanding that we are part of a shared world, being aware of how others live and acknowledging privileges is extremely important if we are to address the challenges humanity is facing now. Humans Move brings this vision into a space where inclusivity and diversity in dance can be pushed forward, and more and more people can be offered this unique experience.

Jessie Brett

Company activities:


Humans Move creates, tours and streams new inclusive dance theatre productions. We encourage physical empathy between audiences and performers, and for people to find new ways of connecting to themselves and their own bodies.

Development work

Humans Move organises classes, workshops and activities inviting participants to exchange locally and internationally through dance. Our company empowers and supports disabled artists and women to develop their skills and means to tell their own stories. Through therapeutic and transformational dance and theatre projects, we hold a safe space for them to share their experiences and rewrite narratives.

Support Systems

Humans Move works together with the dance community and organisations in Wales and Ethiopia, towards identifying and breaking down current barriers for disabled people to access dance training and professional work. We aim to help organisations make their activities accessible by setting up support systems between them and their participants, as well as creating resources and tools for people to develop inclusive practice.

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